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Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Protection

Big-Company Spam and Virus Blocking on a Small-Company Budget

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Protection

We offer an inexpensive yet highly effective filtering method that protects you and your employees from unwanted spam and email viruses.

In fact, your system will continue to operate just as it does today. You don't even need a dedicated tech person.

What we do is filter your incoming email and block any spam and viruses BEFORE they reach your inbox.

Our filtering service was designed around the needs of small to mid-sized businesses, from the newest startups to companies with hundreds of employees, representing a wide variety of industries.

You can be up and running and blocking spam within an hour. There's absolutely no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

Why outsource, you ask? It's cheaper, more effective and incredibly easy!

Many companies now employ outside computer personnel or have in-house tech support, but these individuals just don't have the resources and systems needed to stop the global tide of email viruses and spam.

This is where we come in...

We work along with (but separate from) your existing computer systems and support professionals. No changes are made to your current systems. We do not replace any of your current tech support personnel nor do we add to their work load.

All we do is block spam and email viruses, and we've gotten very good at it. Our economies of scale allow us to do this cheaper than you could do it yourself.

It would cost you thousands of Kina to purchase a high-end spam filtering software package comparable to our in-house system. You would probably need additional servers to run the system and most likely an additional employee (at least part-time) to administer the whole thing. Then there are the ongoing licensing fees, patches, software update fees, etc.

Let's face it, you didn't get into business to do this. We did.

Our service is safe, secure, private, fast and extremely (98.2%) effective. Thousands of small and medium sized businesses are outsourcing spam and virus filtering. For many of our clients there just is no other practical alternative.

How it works

How Anti-Spam Filtering Works

All incoming email first filters through our servers. We run a battery of tests on each message and quarantine any spam and/or viruses. We then pass along all legitimate email to your server. We can customize your filtering levels at any time.

The process is fully automated and only adds about 1 second to delivery time, even under very high volume.

To use our service it is necessary to change how your email gets delivered. Specifically, a modification is made to your company's MX record so that your incoming email first passes through our filters. This is not as big of a deal as it sounds.

Privacy on our system is guaranteed. No one ever views or even has access to any individual email in this process. No copy or record of any email is retained on our servers, except for the quarantined junk mail and temporary emergency backup

Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus Email Protection Features

Everything is handled on our servers before the emails even get to your PC, Mobile Phone or Tablet.

We have state-of-the-art hardware to process all your emails and fliter out unwanted spam and viruses at blazing fast speeds.

You just connect to our servers from your Outlook mail client and download your emails, we'll do the rest.

Works on all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.).

Your system will continue to operate just as it does today. You don't even need a dedicated tech person, as we'll support everything you'll need.

You can be up and running within an hour. There's no obligation and you can cancel at any time..

You've got nothing to loose but your spam!